Wedding Trend 2014

If you are looking for a special way to tell your love story at your wedding, a great idea is to brand your wedding. As a trend for 2014, it is more than a style for your wedding. Instead of sending out generic save-the-dates, how about branding it to fit your love story?

Were you and your significant other friends first? Do you have a favorite sports team in common? How about a certain movie or genre of music? Do you both enjoy performance arts or any other hobbies? How did you first meet? These questions will help you determine if branding your wedding is right for you.

The Groom incorporated his hat and his cowboy boots into the wedding.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle _DSC6333

The bride and groom being Green Friendly wanted to incorporate everything green in the wedding.  Look at the bride’s bouquet made of 2 liter plastic soda bottles.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Tiffany and Kyle decided to use names of places that they had traveled together as their table name.  It was a good way to have conversation at the guest tables especially if the guests did not know each other, it breaks the ice.

_DSC7510 _DSC7386

If so, incorporate pieces of your love story or a theme of your choice from start to finish. This includes save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and your wedding website. Moreover, add the unique touch to the rehearsal dinner, ceremony/reception decor and music, and also you and your significant other’s wedding look.

For their RSVP Cards, the couple sent out questionnaires on what songs the guests wanted to hear, it made it fun to read the songs and some of the funny stuff that people write on the RSVP, which was later displayed at the reception for all to read.


While branding your wedding is definitely nontraditional, it can also transform a wedding into one that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

A Thank you from Mother of Quince

A Special Thank you from Dee the mother of our Quinceañera Dee:

Hola Rosie:  ya descansada y todavia recordando el maravilloso evento de mi hija.  Mis amistades hablan muy bien del quinceañero.  Gracias a Dios, y todos los que colaboraron para que el mismo fuese un éxito.  La dueña de la tienda donde compramos los trajes de la corte (Mark Occasion) quiere tarjeta porque su hija se casa y quiere que la boda quede tan bonita como quedó el 15.

Espero seguir en contacto con ustedes.  Dee te manda saludos y te dá la gracias.

Recibe un abrazo, Dios te bendiga, saludo a tu esposo y a Diana.


Orlando/Tampa Vendors Want to Thank Ivonne and Andrew

Orlando and Tampa vendors have the biggest hearts that 27 Miracles Knows.  Watch as Andres Roque of Miami Pro DJ, expresses his heartfelt thank you before the rest of the vendors show their appreciation for their clients Ivonne and Andrew.

If you missed any of their stories, just click on the link and you can read all about them.

See the 27 Miracles Rose Surprise

27 Miracles

A Special Thank You From a Special Wedding ……

27 Miracles and the very talented vendors that they work with don’t do the work that they do for any type of special recognition or merit, but what a special surprise when the clients turn around and thank the vendors for the hard work that they have done to make their day extra special. The Gift of Love Wedding for Ivonne and Andrew reminds us everyday that yes we thank God for our talents that we have to help fulfill someone’s dreams…..

If you missed any of Ivonne and Andrew’s stories, click on the link here and you can sit and enjoy all the videos, pictures and news stories about this very special wedding.

Watch the following videos thanking the vendors from the bride and groom and the parents of the bride….

Thank you to Nannuk Media for capturing this special moment:

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Nannuk Media Group

A Special Thank You To 27 Miracles from Kimberly and Steve

27 Miracles Wedding planner Rosie Moore enjoys planning weddings.  She has been planning weddings ever since she can remember. There was even a time that someone caught her in a picture as a child mesmerized with decor at a wedding.  When Rosie decided to open 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting and Event Planning it was not so that she can have a job and earn a paycheck, although that helps! She decided that her whole reason to plan weddings and events was to create spectacular experiences that the bride and groom would remember for the rest of their life.  How do you create an experience?  Whether planning full service or day of for the clients, the most important thing that is essential is listening to your clients.  Learning what they are passionate about and incorporating that somehow in their wedding.

Today Kimberly thanks Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles, along with all the other vendors at the wedding that day, Bruce with KBJ photography, Brian K Video, Steve with Event Source,  Louise with Royal Plaza Hotel…. See what special token Kimberly gave to Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles ….it was the most amazing thought of appreciation.


A Review from Stella and Tom’s Military Wedding

November 18, 2011

 Dear Rosie Moore, 

 (27 Miracles Wedding Consultant)

       I want to thank you for your overwhelming support and dedication towards our wedding. I want to share my wonderful experience with others.  My name is Stella and my wedding was on September 24, 2011 at the Villas of Grand Cypress.

Initially, I was planning to have a recreational hall wedding with a JC Penny Dress. My hair dresser Ana highly recommended Rosie Moore as a Wedding Planner, so we can have a wedding that would be most memorable.  Ironically she was having her hair /nails done that same day at the salon, so I met Rosie with rollers in her hair. It was comical knowing Rosie now, I know Rosie would have preferred to meet at her office.

        After Tom and I met with Rosie we were confident that we made the right decision. Sadly after having Rosie as our wedding Planner, I was diagnosed with a  Carotid  Body Tumor requiring surgery which was intense and recovery was lengthy in Dec, 2010 . How blessed that we had Rosie on board for our upcoming wedding event.  Rosie, being Christian, was sensitive to my difficult times and my many medical appointments requiring Rosie to accommodate planning around my schedule. Rosie also had done Bids, On-line, winning us a photographer and a video man for little cost as I was dealing with my medical needs. She worked diligently in being budget conscious without comprising quality or presentation.

          We had a truly unique wedding. My husband Tom is a Retired, Military Soldier.  We had a Military Wedding with a touch of Fairy Tale Elegance. Rosie was detailed from beginning to the end. It started with a beautiful designer Wedding Dress; from Pronovias to our Honeymoon Villa Suite. The ceremony started with the Military Salute Guards and a beautifully decorated Cinderella Carriage that escorted me to the Ceremony Place.  The Harpist entertained the guest as the Beautiful Carriage took us around the grounds for Pictures.  The reception room was decorated so lively and vibrant with Roses by Rosie and her staff.

Rosie spoke privately to Tom and me in order to arrange special surprises for each other. We had special events for one another. One of which was my Love message to Tom in our ceremony.  Rosie had translated my English love message words to Spanish words and placed it in a nice binder for the ceremony. Tom was impressed and was truly touched. The ceremony was beautifully done by Rev. Marcus Moore.

          At the reception room, Roses were presented to me by family members ending lastly with a dozen Roses from Tom.  How Memorable!  Tom later sang a dedicated song to me which was an amazing treat for me and the guests. The wedding ended  with the long  sparkling  sticks  which was held up  by family and friends  and  they were all lined up outside as we exited , allowing  beautiful fun pictures  to be taken . All of our guests, friends and family raved about our wedding and all had a “Fantastic Time“.

          As Tom and I left the wedding reception in the Golf Cart (which was also decorated), to our beautiful large balcony suite, we had our last final surprise from Rosie to us. There were scattered Rose Petals throughout all the rooms, including heart shape Roses surrounding my lingerie in our Honeymoon bed. We were happy and delighted.  I know we could not have achieved this “Memorable” event without a Wedding Planner like Rosie Moore.  The wedding was full of special events than made this truly a “Unique “and “Unforgettable” wedding.  

The Final Dance played at the Reception as we all left “Time of My Life” says it all.                                          

With all my appreciation, Stella Arroyo

The Perfect Quinceanero

The perfect Quinceañero requires a lot of planning, but it does not have to be a nightmare. 27 Miracles and their outstanding team can help you make sure of that.  Stay tuned the next few days as we talk about a different aspect of the Quinceañero and how simple it is when you have the assistance of a professional Quinceañero planner like Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles and her team!

Let’s start with some basics, the Quinceañero is an important tradition in the Latin Culture.  It signifies the transition from childhood to womanhood.  It is a time when the the parents of the Quinceañera introduce her to the community as a young lady and they thank God for the wonderful fifteen years that they are celebrating.  So the Quinceañero does have a religious background to it.

Some families have a dilemma with the girls as to whether they offer the quince, the trip or the car. Sometimes these conversations happen in our office and as the planners we cannot get in the middle of it, we can only speak to the planning of the quince.  The rest is up to the family decision.  Rarely do the girls get two or three choices, it is one or the other.  We see it both ways the car and the party. 

Now today’s video will show you the Quinceañera Frances as she transforms into a young lady.  Thank you to the videography work of Dan with Megapixel www.megapixelpro.comhair and the hair and makeup of AJ Photo/Hair and Make Up  studio

Stay tuned for the next video series on planning your Quinceañero.  By the way many people ask me why it says Quinceañero in some places and Quinceañera in others. Here is your Spanish 101 lesson, Quinceañero is the “party” itself, Quinceañera is the “birthday girl” one is the noun( person, place or thing) and the other one is the verb( action) okay so I gave you the English lesson too!!