Christmas Countdown Day 13 Rest During The Season

Christmas time can be overwhelming to many people about this time of the year with so many things to get done in such a short period of time.  A good way to battle this fatigue is to try to pace yourself, don’t over commit, we can’t get everything done in a day.  Also try to catch a nap just a few minutes a day to get you back on track with all you have to do.  Enlist help from everyone in the family, make it a fun time to wrap presents together, write Christmas cards and decorate together! Happy Napping!

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27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 13

“Rest Your Weary Head”

“About halfway through December most people feel a little overwhelmed.  Fight back by taking a nap.  You don’t have to necessarily fall asleep but you do have to lie down in a dark quiet place, says James Mass, a psychologist at Cornell University and author of Power Sleep.  Fifteen to twenty minutes is ideal.”  Better Homes and Garden

I am not really a napper but being able to just sit in front of the Christmas tree and enjoy the twinkling lights or in the living room watching the dogs sleep with the fireplace on, is very soothing.  With all the holiday shopping, parties and activities to do with the kids, remember to take care of you and pace yourself.  Enjoy the Christmas season, we work so hard to prepare but forget to enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!

27 Miracles


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