Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 13……..Made with Love….

Nothing is better than true love between two people…that is until you get to the point where you are ready to add a little one to your life…. Ursula and Rob, our newlyweds, are having a baby!!!  See their wedding day here

Urusla and Rob share a love like no other, when they look at each other they are always smiling and deep in love.  Look at the pictures of their eyes, they only have eyes for each other.  Rob says he is so happy to have married his best friend . Today let’s celebrate with them as they receive an early Valentine’s day gift….baby Caleb born 2/12/15 at 7:06pm 8lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long.

When you get married you think that you can love no other like your spouse and you are right, you can’t. But when a couple makes a special bond that comes out of love and a baby is born, then that is another level of love not only for the couple, but for the new baby coming in to their life.

Congratulations to this special couple on the birth of their beautiful baby boy!

1509243_10153097702302760_3636766807096436090_n Baby born today Feb 13 2015 U&R (1 of 53) U&R (3 of 53) U&R (5 of 53) U&R (6 of 53) U&R (8 of 53) U&R (11 of 53) U&R (13 of 53) U&R (16 of 53) U&R (20 of 53) U&R (22 of 53) U&R (23 of 53) U&R (27 of 53) U&R (29 of 53) U&R (33 of 53) U&R (35 of 53) U&R (36 of 53) U&R (38 of 53) U&R (39 of 53) U&R (43 of 53) U&R (47 of 53) U&R (49 of 53) U&R (53 of 53)

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Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 11……..Romance in Marriage….

Sometimes in life we get busy and we put things off until we have time to fulfill our dream.  Jobs, family, pregnancy and obligations keep us busy.  That was the case with Erika and Andres.  This beautiful couple had been married for four years but never really had the time to have their formal wedding.  Now mind you, Andres is a DJ/MC so seeing weddings every weekend only made their desires grow more.  That is when Andres decided one day to just say enough is enough, we are planning a wedding and called on Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant to help.

Erika and Andres’ wedding was going to be about the family and friends having a great time.  But at the same time about these two lovebirds enjoying their so long-awaited special day.

Andres Erica01 Andres Erica02

They were married in their home church with a reception at the Wyndham Orlando.  The wedding brought tears to many as the Officiant retold stories of this couple and baptized their little girl at their ceremony and received communion.  It was a bond not only in marriage but in their faith in God.

Erika and Andres Wedding 010 Erika and Andres Wedding 073 Erika and Andres Wedding 077 Erika and Andres Wedding 079
Erika and Andres Wedding 086 Erika and Andres Wedding 087 Erika and Andres Wedding 112 Erika and Andres Wedding 122 Erika and Andres Wedding 134 Erika and Andres Wedding 189

After their ceremony they got the opportunity to relax and have fun taking  pictures and enjoying this special moment that finally came true!

Erika and Andres Wedding 204 Erika and Andres Wedding 211 Erika and Andres Wedding 215 Erika and Andres Wedding 221 Erika and Andres Wedding 229 Erika and Andres Wedding 231

The reception was perfectly set with the right music, lighting and staff. On occasion, planner Rosie Moore, had to let Andres know that he is the groom today …no work…although he did make a live video introducing the happy couple as him and his wife, but it was all in good fun!!

Erika and Andres Wedding 263
Erika and Andres Wedding 266 Erika and Andres Wedding 510

From the food, to the cake, the decor and the music, the night was filled with laughter and just family and friends in the industry enjoying a relaxed but high energy wedding celebration.

Erika and Andres Wedding 266 Erika and Andres Wedding 267 Erika and Andres Wedding 271 Erika and Andres Wedding 279 Erika and Andres Wedding 283 Erika and Andres Wedding 290 Erika and Andres Wedding 305 Erika and Andres Wedding 354 Erika and Andres Wedding 408

One thing that Andres stated,  ” I now know what brides and grooms go through as they are planning their special day and it is very stressful, but with the right wedding professionals, you do relax.”  What planner Rosie took from that is,  brides and grooms come to you as a client and they have not had a wedding before, they entrust their full trust in you and it is up to us the wedding professionals, to make their dream come true…….

Erika and Andres Wedding 530 Erika and Andres Wedding 531 Erika and Andres Wedding 532 Erika and Andres Wedding 535 Erika and Andres Wedding 547 Erika and Andres Wedding 548 Erika and Andres Wedding 550 Erika and Andres Wedding 552 DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO Erika and Andres Wedding 568

The night ended with a farewell to all the guests one by one, they came to hug the happy couple and wish them the best….

So even though you have had your civil ceremony and say,  one day we will have the real wedding and years go by and you don’t, do not worry, at whatever stage in your life you are ready, the day will come. It does not have to be about the pomp and circumstance, but about the Romance in your Marriage.

Part of marriage is not tolerating each other only, but romancing your spouse……say I love you for any reason daily, not just “love you” I can love cake and ice cream or the movies….really say ” I Love You” and take ownership of the feelings you are expressing.

27 Miracles wishes many more years of romantic and true love to Erika and Andres……

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Valentine’s Countdown Day 1….Love Battles Illness

This year 27 Miracles wants to bring you,  our faithful readers,  something different for Valentine’s Day.  There are already so many stories about what you can buy, how to be romantic, how to pick jewelery and who is having the best sales.  We decided this year to focus on some touching stories of some of our past clients that did some inspiring things to show their loved one that they were more than loved.

Stay tuned for the next 14 days and watch all our love stories.

Many of you may remember the story of Ivonne and Andrew, america’s love story couple.  Ivonne was diagnosed with cancer and not slated to survive, but her faith in God her family support and the love of her fiance Andrew, changed all that.

Read in Ivonne’s own words her love story …..then watch the video…

“This is how Andrew and I met.  One day, my friend and Andrews’s friend decided to set us up on a blind date. They thought we would be just perfect together.  They described Andrew as tall, handsome and very shy. So I decided to give the date a try. We first met at the Fashion Square Mall, where we had the most awkward date; he bought me a cookie and didn’t talk to me all night. Luckily we gave it another try. And we are so glad that we did because we discovered the amazing connections we have.  Little did I know that the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend, under a gazebo, would be where he proposed one day.

How we got engaged… He took me to my favorite restaurant, Crave, on December 06, 2011; we had a very nice dinner. When we left he put a blind fold on me and told me he was taking me to a very special place. I asked him about a few different places that I thought he might have been taking me. I had a feeling about what was going to happen that night and I started crying under the blind fold of course I did not let him see me. About 20 minutes later he parks somewhere and opened my car door. It was extremely quiet and I couldn’t hear anything. He carried me for about 2 minutes and put me down. He told me that he loved me and he told me how special I was to him. He also he mentioned that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He took the blindfold off and we were in that special gazebo, I looked down and there he was on one knee, crying with me and asked me the four most special words a man can ask “would you marry me?” I said, “Yes, of course!!”

Special hobbies… A few of the most special hobbies we have together as a couple is playing pool, I have yet to beat him! We also love going jet skiing and wakeboarding.  We also love doing new things, whether going to a movie or going zip lining, we can’t do the same thing all the time.

Vision of wedding… My vision of my wedding has always been extravagant and BLING everywhere. Now that’s what I always thought I would want. Now that we have talked about it, I still love extravagant things at weddings but we also love the idea of a romantic wedding with candles everywhere and beautiful flower centerpieces. Whenever we watch the weddings on TV we love the idea of the candle lights, that’s our favorite. Romantic Simple Bling!! lol!!

A change of course…I was diagnosed on Feb. 13, 2012 with Hodgkin Lymphoma, the news was extremely shocking for us, but did not expect something like this at all. I went to the hospital that day by myself found out the news by myself and in less than an hour later, Andrew, my mom , dad, aunt, grandma and future mother in law were there and I thought to myself how lucky I was to have such a wonderful family who loved me and supported me so much.

I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time and there was someone there, always with me, they never left me alone. I had chemotherapy for three months. I felt weak, tired, nauseous and everything in between. I remember some days not being able to get up from my bed., how sore I felt throughout my whole body, not wanting to eat because I couldn’t even smell the food and Andrew having to feed me because my body was in pain.

I think that the worst time of everything combined was the thought of losing my hair. After the first treatment, I cut it very short.  Then when my second treatment came around, it started falling out in a lot of clumps.  So Andrew, my dad and I decided to shave it all off.  Yet, in light of all I went through, shaving my head turned out to be one of my best memories!

I also always told myself, all this is happening for a reason and I realized that being with children at the hospital and watching them go through everything I had to go through, was becoming my true passion and calling.  This solidified my decision to go back to school and study pediatric- oncology nursing. The whole experience from the initial diagnosis of my cancer to the days of getting treatments to fight the cancer and everything in-between has taught me so much! It has taught me to be strong and to never lose faith in God because no matter what is going on through the ups and downs of my life; God has shown me that he is always going to be there for me.”

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How Did You Spend Valentine’s Day?

Surely, love was in the air this past Valentine’s Day. For us, at 27 Miracles, we enjoyed this special day. It was a great reminder of the love around us despite how busy life can get. Let us not stop there though. Everyday should be treated like Valentine’s Day. However, expensive goods are not necessary. After a hard day at work, a home cooked meal and a movie rental can say much. As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts.

Below are some ways that our 27 Miracles team spent their Valentine’s Day.

Christine Pabelico , Certified Wedding Planner

Christine Pic


Valentine’s Day started with Rosie Moore celebrating with her special little valentine, Kaleb Moore 
1654463_10152055676302795_905610725_n (1)


Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant Celebrated Valentine’s Day at Pasha Mediterranean Restaurant, with a  side-show of belly dancing

Valentiens Day 2014 Pasha Mediterranean

Belly Dancer 2014

Valentine’s Day started with a beautiful card and flowers from Rosie’s Funny Valentine, Marcus…

Valentines Flowers from Marcus 2014

But what really made Valentine’s Day special, was entering a Valentine’s Day contest with RJ Glamour and Innovation.  RJ Glamour and Innovation the week before Valentine’s Day had a contest for the best Valentine’s Day story.  Rosie Moore entered her story, there were so many good stories that they said the one that has the most likes will win.  Someone won the flowers, however RJ Glamour was still touched by Rosie Moore’s story and said this story deserves a beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangement and that is what you see below.  The story made Rosie Moore realize that she really does have the BFF of her life!

Valentines Flowers from RJ

Read the story below that won the above floral arrangement……

Family pic 2013

“Why do I love Marcus so much? Because when we met he left a whole world behind in NJ to be with me and my two children and did not even look back to see what he left behind. But most important, we had a baby that was born at 27 weeks and not only did he take care of me when I almost died, but he took care of the baby and made sure that I got to the hospital for 5 months while our baby hung on for his life. When he came home, he left his job to take care of him full-time. It has been 4 years since our baby was born and thanks to him, our son has had a fighting chance of recovery receiving care from therapists at home and good medical care. When he is not taking care of the baby he is taking care of our dogs( one of which is so elderly that he has to be picked up to go out) he takes care of my elderly parents, me and my older kids. There are not any words to express what he does for us all. Then he goes out and marries couples inbetween all of this. Happy Valentine’s Day, God gave me a Winner!!!!”

So today 27 Miracles wants to know, how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Post your story here on our facebook page

Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner/Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant

27 Miracles

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Happy Engagement to Alicia and Michael on Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Alicia and Mike our Engaged Couple of the month!!!! 27 Miracles loves to tell a happy couples story on how they became engaged along with their engagement photos.  Today let me introduce to you Alicia and Mike.

Alicia and Mike got engaged on August 2, 2013 at the Orlando International Airport.  When I asked Alicia to tell us the story of how that happened, here is her story.  ” We were on our way to visit my parents in NC for the weekend.  Little did I know that Michael had already contacted my parents to ask for their permission to marry me.  So as we were waiting for the plane, Michael told me that he had purchased a wedding book and handed it to me.  We had been talking about getting married, but I didn’t know that this was THE MOMENT,  As I opened the book, there was the ring.  Michael had cut a hole in the middle of the book and placed the ring inside.  I was in complete shock!  I asked him if this was really happening.  He then said you aren’t saying anything and I jokingly said you didn’t ask me…so then he asked “will you marry me” and of course I said YES!

Julie Brewer Photography and the couple chose Lake Eola for their special engagement photo shoot.  It was a chilly Sunday afternoon, but the warmth of their love made for beautiful pictures.  Thank you Julie for creating special memories for our happy couple Alicia and Michael.

Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant met Alicia and Michael the same day that they arrived home from NC.  As they were driving back to Orlando they were calling 27 Miracles.  27 Miracles can’t wait to see this happy pair get married on their special day!  Follow us on our blog to see when and where this happy couple ends up on their wedding day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the happy couples out there!!

27 Miracles

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144_JMB_3410 003_JMB_3040 010_JMB_3053 012_JMB_3058 015_JMB_3065 023_JMB_3080 028_JMB_3094

Look at the book from the wedding proposal, what a neat idea!

030_JMB_3098 044_JMB_3125 046_JMB_3131 064_JMB_3176 078_JMB_3222 086_JMB_3260 100_JMB_3315 123_JMB_3370

Rustic Wedding With Valentine’s Ideas

Sometimes as planners we do not always have the luxury of attending a wedding and watching it with a relaxed mode instead of going to planning mode.  But on February 7th, that day came for me.

In Dover, Florida a magical day was about to start. Even Florida’s sporadic weather could not stop the wedding from happening. The rustic wedding and ceremony  took place at the beautiful Cross Creek Ranch. The ceremony took place under a large sprawling oak tree in a grass field behind a pond which was adjacent to the barn where the reception was to take place.

The bridesmaid’s looked superb in coral dresses and tan cowboy boots and the groomsmen wore grey suits with coral ties. The bride, wore an ivory sweetheart strapless gown and tan cowboy boots that were embellished with crystals. After the ceremony the guests filed into the barn for drinks and appetizers as they waited for the newlyweds. 

The barn was decorated with rustic elements, splashes of coral and old family photos. There was even an old photo booth set up to entertain the guests. Once the newlyweds arrived at the barn the reception was ready to begin. After all the toasts, first dances and food there was time for the guests to mingle with the bride and groom.

The bride was a member of a sorority that we are all in, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and it is a tradition to “Oh Pat” the bride and groom at receptions. You may be wondering what is “Oh Pat”(  it is a ritual to sing “Oh Pat,” a Kappa chant when a sister gets married.) This was a special moment for Nicole and the girls from Kappa Kappa Gamma that we will always remember. As the reception drew to an end the guests all went outside to the bonfire to make s’mores and to congratulate Nicole and Josh one last time.

By: Teska Poleschuk , 27 Miracles Wedding and Event Assistant

27 Miracles

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Valentine’s Day Plans, Tips, Ideas

Valentine’s Day is only two days away. Are your plans set in stone? Below, we have provided a few holiday ideas and tips.

  1. Celebrate all day. Valentine’s Day is on a Friday; therefore, many of us will be working during the day. In the morning, send a little note to your significant other wishing them a good day, and if time permits, try to schedule your lunch breaks together and catch a quick lunch. Valentine’s Day should not be limited to only part of the day.friend-letter


  1. Avoid a walk in. If you are planning to have dinner at a restaurant, make reservations beforehand. I would suggest securing a table before the day of Valentine’s Day. At many restaurants, reservations will fill early. You will not want to walk in to a restaurant hoping to get a table, only having to leave and find another available restaurant.

katrens wedding and on 059

  1. Add the perfect touch. Do you remember your first date? Do you have a favorite song that you and your significant other enjoy listening to? Incorporate these concepts into the day such as having a date at the same location you had your first date. Those first date memories will come back, and you can ponder on why you fell in love. Adding little touches unique to your relationship will make the day more romantic.


Marcus and Rosie 12 30 06

Regardless of what your plans may be, 27 Miracles wishes you a safe and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!

By Christine Pabelico Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

Valentine’s Day Celebrated World Wide

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide by many as a day where people write each other cards, exchange gifts, and spread love and romance. What is the meaning of all this? Well, legends surround the history of this holiday, and according to Shannon Summers from Spoonful, “Valentine performed secret marriages for soldiers and their sweethearts…”  In this particular story, Valentine is portrayed as a priest who strongly approved of romantic relationships.

It is obvious that Valentine’s Day began due to the idea of romance, and it continues to be celebrated as a way to show how much you care for your loved ones. Throughout the year, work, school, and other commitments may stand in the way of planning romantic dates with your significant other; therefore, for couples around the world, this holiday means more than just the casual date to the movies or going out for a slice of pizza. This holiday is a day in which you can set aside time for a romantic evening with your significant other, focusing on each other and strengthening your relationship.

A great example of this is my dear brother, Ralph, and his longtime girlfriend, Kimberly. While living in a busy city, they each have hectic schedules consisting of work and other personal goals. This Valentine’s Day, 2/14/2014, happens to be on a Friday which is a great way for this couple to relax and enjoy each other’s company after such a busy and stressful week. The excitement builds up as the day approaches for Ralph and Kimberly, and a romantic dinner awaits them.

Are you counting down the days? 27 Miracles certainly is. What better way to end a stressful week than to relax with the one you love.



Summers, S. (n.d.). The history of valentine’s day. Retrieved from


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles


Happy Anniversary to Tiffany and Kyle

27 Miracles wants to wish Tiffany and Kyle a very Happy Anniversary!!! One year ago today after battling through the effects of hurricane Sandy and it skirting Florida, these two lovebirds tied the knot under 300- plus-year-old tree.  See their wedding story here in case you missed it

We are so happy for Tiffany and Kyle, they are a fun loving  and happy go lucky couple.  Many anniversary wishes for the two of you!!!!



Celebrating in style with their 1 year cake gift from Party Flavors!!!


Anniversary Cake Pic 1 Year


Happy Anniversary Tiffany and Kyle!!! Many More years of Marriage!!


Some trivia for you….Tiffany and Kyle were the first couple to ever get married on the 27th of any month in the history of 27 Miracles!!!! They were also the first couple to have their photographer complete their engagement pictures and wedding pictures before Valentine’s Day so that they could be the Valentine’s Couple of the year two years in a row!!!

Thank you Pilster Photography!!!

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Planning a Special Engagement?

Gentleman, are you planning a special surprise engagement for Valentine’s Day or sooner?? Please call 27 Miracles for a special free gift.  27 Miracles can be reached at 407-905-5454 or

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