Veterans’ Day, Not Just 11/11/11

27 Miracles wants to take a moment today to honor the Veterans that served in all the armed forces and are still serving.  Many places may be  closed today in honor of Veterans Day, many store have great sales today in honor of 11/11/11 and many people getting married today because it is 11/11/11.  That is all great to get the best deals and have a great wedding day based on the date.  But let us not forget the reason we can have weddings and great sales today.  It is because of the men and women who gave up their families and lifestyle to fight for their country so that we can have the freedom we have today.

Keep our solidiers that are still not here in prayer and their families that are left behind.  But also let us remember those that lost their lives in wars and tragedies like 9/11.  One day those men and women will be here and hopefully those that have been waiting to marry their sweetheart, will be able to have a celebration honoring the armed services and the one that they love.

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